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As the year ends, we are reminded of how time flies! With the New Year just a few days away we are grateful to our Board and Chairladies for putting in their best and giving us enjoyable and excellent meetings.

We have had fun-tastic speakers and are in the process of planning many more amazing meetings and events to strengthen Indus bonding!

The traditional Christmas morning was a stupendous success with over 120 ladies attendance!  Our heartfelt gratitude to the jolly Indus choir along with Gita Purandhare for entertaining us, all the ladies who contributed to the Bake Sale, taking us back to the yesteryears participation through Indus Festival of Charities.

A special thanks to Mikki Hariani and her team for the beautiful Christmas Decorations at our gracious hostess -Phiroza’s Adenwala Bagh.

Last but not the least a special thanks to our Vice Presidents, Marietta Barreto and Priya Mehta.

Indus ladies not only love having fun but also very responsibly keep the wheels of the organization moving.

As we enter 2023 and in keeping with the trends of the decade a special thanks to our Archives team for successfully sorting, documenting and cataloguing the files from 1967- to date so that they can be digitized and stored for future Indus teams.

The cooler months tempt us to have several outdoor events:

Save the Date

*Heritage walks: 6th January 2023

*Indus Picnic to Karjat: 12th January 2023

*Annual Event cum dinner: 10th February 2023

*Trip to Gwalior - Panna –Khajuraho: 19th February 2023

If you are looking to participate, we have plenty of opportunities; do get in touch with either of us.

Reminder – Look into your yearly attendance requirements

Wishing you and your families a very Happy and Healthy New Year!

Sheena Kataria                                Kaya Shewakramani

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