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In Person meeting:

Residence of:   Anita   Gupta

Guests welcome


Every living being is in the pursuit of happiness. However, very few of us achieve it. This is because life is misleading. That which gives instant joy leads to sorrow in the end and that which appears painful in the beginning gives happiness in the long run.

Vedanta gives a unique formula for happiness by which we can gain bliss both in the immediate present as well as in the long term. It prescribes methods by which we can attain happiness at every level of our personality - sensual, emotional, intellectual as well as spiritual.

Jaya Row is one of the most powerful speakers on Vedanta - the oldest management school in the world. She has gained international recognition, having spoken at prestigious forums such as the World Economic Forum Davos, World Bank, Young Presidents' Organization, Princeton University, Purdue University, Washington University and others..

Dipika Shroff                                                   Neelu Kapur

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