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In-person meeting


Residence of:    Annu Toshiniwal

Limit 30

I was a Sari….

'I was a Sari' is an award-winning social enterprise that takes used saris and turns them into beautiful clothes, accessories, and more. This circular economy business has scaled to a global enterprise and is worn by celebrities around the world. It has won several awards and is now in partnership with one of the world's most iconic fashion brands: Gucci.

More important than its accolades is its impact: ‘I was a Sari’ employs over 200 artisans, over 50% of whom were never employed before. They create jobs for women from disadvantaged parts of India and give them reliable, flexible work-hours so that they - and their families - can thrive.

We will be joined by Founder and CEO, Stefano Funari, who will share his journey from Milan to Mumbai where he founded the company in 2013. Stefano's longer-term vision is a platform that makes business more beautiful, with ‘I was a Sari’ as his first success story.

Shabana Abdulkarim                                                Helen Craggs

Registration :Benu Prakash 

Wednesday 8th February 3pm – 5pm OR Thursday 9th February 3pm – 5pm.

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