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(Please note change of date)

In-Person Meeting:

Address: Vrinda Jhunjhunwalla

Limit : 25 Ladies

Feast for the Senses !!

Eye-catching and delectable easy to do Salads / Dips with an emphasis on Food Plating ……

This morning we have our own Indus member Leena Vaid and Surita Mehra who will once again demonstrate their flair for food platingin easy and eye-catching styles.

The meeting will start with a demonstration of a Salad and then flow into the aesthetics of food plating to make the meal look Enchanting and Yummilicious !!

Our eyes feast on the delectable fare before the juices start flowing …!!

Registration ….. Arti Sanghi : 

24th February from 9:30a.m to 12.00 noon.

Please call during the stated time.

Let’s all savour this experience !!

Bina Kejriwal.                                              Anju Siraj


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