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In-person Meeting:

Residence of:   Preeti Maria

Guests Welcome

MASALA MEMSAHIB: Recipes and Stories from My Culinary Adventures in India BY KAREN ANAND

In our endeavour to cover a variety of genres, our book for February is ‘Masala Memsahib’ by well-known gourmet and food writer Karen Anand. Part memoir-part cookbook, ‘Masala Memsahib’ describes Karen Anand’s culinary journey across five states of India and gives the reader an insight into the many mouth-watering local cuisines and their flavours, by understanding the foods of different regions and how the palate differs across the sub-continent.

‘Masala Memsahib’ Karen Anand will join us today to tell us about how her life in India ‘has been, and continues to be, one long, delicious journey of discovering and experiencing food with depth and complexity, humour and humility’.

Lubaina   Suares                    Sharmeen   Maskati

Book for March: Lessons in Chemistry by Bonnie Garmu

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