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Ad – Hoc COMMITEE 2022-2023

The following is the summary of the points discussed at the Ad hoc Committee meeting held on 5th Jan 2023.


1. Clubbing Arts & Handicrafts under One Activity group; making 9 meetings per month with speakers ( with effect from 1st April 2023)

2. Indians with foreign passports may hold office on the Board in case a foreigner is not eligible for the post.

3. Similarly In case of chairladies, 2 Indian members may hold the chair position of an activity group in case a foreign counterpart is not available or eligible for the same.

4. An Indian active member be appointed to work with the membership treasurers and Neena Patel for the Maintenance of the database. This will help the continual update of the Database year after year.

5. An Archive committee be established which will include a tech team as a custodian of the digital data. This committee will safeguard the important documents both in physical and soft copy.

6. All members on turning 70 fill a membership form which will indicate their willingness to continue to contribute to the club actively.

7. A buddy system is being initiated on a trial basis with the 2022 new Indian, foreign and a few senior members.

Resolutions Passed by the Board

Resolution 1 : Resolved to combine Art & Handicraft activity groups and the same is  renamed ART & HANDICRAFT from April 2023.

Resolution 2: Resolved that  Indians with Foreign Passports in the Club may be allowed to hold office on the foreign side on the Board. However, for the activity chair ,two Indians may be appointed for the year, in case a foreign member to chair the activity group is not available.

Further,  Resolved that this resolution is applicable for the year 2023/24 only and only if the Nominating committee is unable to find foreign candidates for the Board Position.

Resolution 3: Resolved that an additional experienced member assist the Membership treasurers for updating the database ; this  member will be on the database committee team

Resolution 4: Resolved  to establish the Archive committee for the duration of 2 years;  to preserve the digital records of Indus and include the technological team of 3 Indus member who will be the  custodian committee of the data stored on the cloud.

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