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In-person meeting

Residence of :  Vandana Kanoria

Guests welcome

'The Fabric of Life - Textiles from the Ladakh Himalayas'

Author and Textile Collector, Dr Monisha Ahmed,is the co-founder of the Ladakh Arts and Media Organisation. Monisha first visited Ladakh in 1987 and during her studies in Social Anthropology at Oxford University decided to dedicate her research to textile weaving in Ladakh. Her doctorate took her to the nomads of eastern Ladakh in Changthang, and her book Living fabric – Weaving among the Nomads of Ladakh Himalaya (2002) received the Textile Society of America’s R L Shep award.

Monisha will share with us her work in Ladakh over three decades, beginning with her research into Ladakhi textiles and how textiles are integral to their culture, telling stories of origins, songs and metaphors reflecting attitudes around birth, gender and family. Alongside her research, she restored the 17thcentury Munshi and Gyaoo houses and will briefly describe the process, looking at the adaptive reuse of the buildings as a community arts space.

Shabana Abdulkarim                                             Helen Craggs

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