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In-person Meeting:

Residence of: Rupande Parekh

NFT-The Future of Art

The world is going digital, Art was the last frontier left to be held solely in a physical format, now no more absolutely true. Enter NFT…non-fungible tokens, the Art world has gone digital.

NFTs are unique cryptographic tokens that exist on a blockchain and cannot be replicated. Sounds complicated right? Well this is the future and today we attempt to simplify NFT.

Jenny Bhatt who is a visual plus communication designer and now an NFT artist will help you understand her Art journey and foray into NFT. She has been active in this space since 2021 and has NFTs on many platforms like Open Sea and WazirX. 

Her NFT project is titled MokshaShots. Her work has been auctioned at Christie’s multiple times and till date she has held more than 18 solo exhibitions, besides several group exhibitions around the world.

Kanchan Khubchandani                                                            Rashna Doongaji

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