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Please note change of date

In Person meeting:

Venue:  Residence of Sheetal Patel

Limit:  30 Members


Accupuncture, believed to have originated in China, is based on needling certain points on our body which make the central nervous system release chemicals into our muscles, spinal cord and brain in an attempt to further stimulte the body's natural healing abilities for well-being and pain relief.

Dr Santosh Pandey, founder of India's leading and cutting edge Accupuncture clinic, Rejua Energy, has treated thousands of patients using this technique in a safe and drugfree manner to release them from their pain and discomfort.

Come meet him and hear about his foray into this fascinating field and decide for yourself whether this form of treatment actually works or not as we promise you a poky good morning!

For registrations, please contact Nayantara Jain 

on August Thursday 4th and Friday 5th between 10 am & 1 pm.

After 5th August please contact Chairladies directly for registration.

Varsha Sheth                                                 Sheetal Patel

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