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In-person meeting:

Venue: Residence of Gopi Vaid

Temple Blessings

Adiv Pure Nature is a natural dye studio, is based in Mumbai. It is dedicated to sustainability of nature through natural dyed textiles.

Today Roopa Trivedi would like to share with us poetry on cloth with Temple Blessings.

Nature offers such beautiful array of colours. she believes, in fact that the human perception of colours has come from the treasure troves of nature. The dyes extracted from flowers and herbs represent mother nature’s splendour both robust and beautiful as much as serene and soothing in her irregularities. 

The gifts of nature are innumerable, and this constant mystery unravels through natural dying as each process of dying reveals new iterations and new facets of it.

Join us for an interesting in person meeting.

Namrata Singhania                                     Neeta Merchant

To register, please call Madhvi Kilachand on

Tuesday 16th August or Thursday 18thAugust between 9:00am to 11:00am

After 18th August please contact Chairladies directly for registration.

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