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(Please note change of date and time)

In-person meeting

Venue:  Residence of Anju Siraj

86B Gobind Mahal

Limit 40 members

Journey of the Kashmir Shawl by Aditi Desai: A Talk and Shawl Display

Aditi Desai is a sociologist, shawl lover and shawl scholar. Her passion for shawls developed at an early age and she has travelled extensively across the globe, researching and building a collection of rare Indian and European Cashmere shawls. 

She has exhibited and lectured internationally and in India. Aditi has assisted artisans to showcase and market their products, providing designing inputs, quality upgradation in material and all aspects, and getting proper restoration on vintage shawls by master refugars.

Aditi will talk about the history of the Kani shawl, illustrated with examples from her collection. She will share inside knowledge about the material, the pashmina and toosh used to the make the Kashmiri shawl. 

She will discuss the development of the motif from the natural flowering plants to the complex, stylized motif we know as Paisley. Aditi will also discuss the state of what is happening today in the shawl industry.

Shabana Abdulkarim                                              Helen Craggs

For registrations, please cal Ila Kaji on 

Monday 8th August 2.00pm – 4.00pm or

Tuesday 9th August 2.00pm – 4.00pm.

After 9thAugust please contact Chairladies directly for registration.

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