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In Person Meeting:

Venue:    C S M V S ( Prince of Wales Museum )

159-161, M.G Road,

Kala Ghoda, Fort,

Mumbai 400 023.

Limit: 40 Members

A Tale of Famed Miniatures and Himalayan Art

The CSMVS Museum houses a world renowned collection of Mughal, Rajasthani, Deccani and Pahari miniatures. The curator will help us to learn the comprehensive story of the

development of this beautiful art form, court life at that time and the history of this unique miniature art.

CSMVS houses the finest Himalayan art that highlights India’s cultural and spiritual bonds with our neighbours. 

We will take another journey with our curator to experience mystic and exquisite thankas, metal sculptures and mesmerizing objects that are gilded and studded with gems. 

The stories of Buddhism and the myriad lands it influenced deeply shall be brought to life.

Indian miniature and Himalayan art share a common history as they both have originated in  the Indian subcontinent and our knowledgeable curators Dr Mrinalini Jamkhedkar and

Ms. Nilanjana Som shall ably guide us on this journey.

Admission Fees: Rs.100/- to be paid at entry.

For registration please call Ayesha Mody on

Monday 29th July from 11am to 12 noon or 4-5 pm &

Friday  1stAugust from 11am to 12 noon or 4-5 pm.

After 1stAugust please contact Chairladies directly for registration.

Kanchan Khubchandani 

Rashna Doongaji

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