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                                  a sweet and tangy journey

Today promises to be a delectable morning as we travel to Maharashtra. Maharashtrian cuisine is distinguished by its unique flavours and balance of spicy, sour, bitter and sweet flavours all on a single plate. It ranges from subtly flavoured vegetarian delicacies to hot, aromatic meat and fish curries.

We have with us Anjallee Paatil, a lawyer by profession and current ‘Head of Legal’ for a German Bank. Being the eldest child, the responsibility to cook was often thrust on her. Along the way she developed a passion for it, transforming this reluctant home cook into one who now pursues her hobby seriously. 

Check out her Instagram page to see her journey as a home cook and a food photographer.

Please join us as Anjallee whips up recipes handed to her from her mother, that are favourites in Maharashtrian households.

Neelima Patel        Rachita Kapur

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