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In Person Meeting:


Clark house Ground Floor

8 Nathalal Parekh Marg

Opposite Sahakari Bhandar

Wodehouse Road,

Mumbai 400039

Art Forward

Chamar Studio was founded by artist Sudheer Rajbhar, as a project to employ leather craftspeople who were rendered jobless by the 2015 leather ban in India.

Working closely with the Dalit community, particularly in Dharavi, the largest slum in Mumbai, the brand was born out of their ingenious skill at recycling rubber and waste into functional objects using its signature material - a canvas mesh which is fused with a layer of recycled rubber.

After debuting its leather alternative across a line of handbags and fashion accessories, the Chamar project immediately gained the support of the fashion world and journalist Namrata Zakaria facilitated their collaboration with 50 designers, including Sabyasachi and Gaurav Gupta, for a curated selection of bags, that were sold later at Ensemble through a special exhibition.

This was the start of Chamar’s successful collaborations that became its signature style of spreading its initiative through Art and Fashion.

Rashna Doongaji                               Kanchan Khubchandani


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